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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow long term rentals?
No. The longest stay we allow is 6 days..

Can I check-in early?
We clean the cabins in the order people leave.
Due to some folks taking advantage, we no longer offer early check-in.
Check-in is from 4 to 6pm.
If you are going to be later then 6pm please let us know.
Please use the directions on the website.
Many folks use GPS or Google maps and end up places they shouldn't be. We do not want you to get lost.

Can I check-out late?
No. Check-out is at 11am or earlier.
We have to clean the cabin for the next guests.

Do you have Wi-Fi?
You will notice we no longer advertise we have Wi-Fi.
You are in the mountains therefore it is VERY slow or non-existent.
Just because you have a signal doesn't mean you will have a good connection or even a connection at all.
Even if you get a connection you will not be able to watch Netflix.
That being said… The access code is in the front inside cover of the white Ramona Lake Cabins book in each cabin.

Wow, why do you have so many rules?
We are very protective of the cabins.
It turns out many people do things up here they would never do at home.
Like writing on the ceiling...
You wouldn't think we should have to tell people not to clean fish in the bathroom sink and leave the guts for us to clean up…but we do.
Each rule is based on something someone has done.
Sometimes people try to help us by putting their full trash bag out on the deck.
We ask you leave your trash inside because when you leave it outside the little critters eat the bottom of the bag then when we pick it up the bottom falls out.

What are the road conditions?
Most roads here are dirt or gravel. They can be rutted or muddy.
County road 74E from 287 is a paved county road and normally it is in good shape.
It is plowed ASAP in the winter.

How is the weather?
We are at 8300 feet above sea level. It is normally 10 to 15° cooler than Fort Collins.
Please check http://www.weather.com/weather/today/l/USCO0329:1:US for conditions.

How is the fishing?
Please click here for fishing/lake information.

Where are you located?
We are located on the east end of Ramona Lake.
We are 2 blocks from the Village of Red Feather and the library.

I saw on TripAdvisor you have RV and campsite. How much do they cost?
TripAdvisor is wrong. We do not have RV/camping sites

Can my kids sleep in a tent next to the cabin?
No we do not allow camping on the RLC grounds.

Can extra guests sleep on the floor in the cabin?
No. Cabin occupancy is based on the water/sewer limitations.
Our well is a very low producing well.
At one gallon a minute it takes a long time to get water back.
If you try to sneak more people in than occupancy allows, you will be asked to leave.
The only time we ran out of water is when someone snuck too many people in.
You do not want to be the one in the shower when the water runs out.

Do you have fire pits?
No at the "suggestion" of our insurance company, we removed the fire pits after the High Park fire of 2012.

Do you supply Cribs/high chairs?
No. Please bring a playpen or a place for your child to sleep.

You do not supply ice trays?
Sorry but after the 3rd time cleaning worms out of the ice trays we decided we couldn't guarantee the cleanliness of the trays. So we removed them. You can bring up ice or purchase some at the local stores.

Do the cabins have wood burning fireplaces?
Cabin 1 has a wood burning stove in a cool stone alcove from 1945. Cabins 2, 4 & 5 have wood burning fireplaces.

Do you provide firewood?
No. You can bring your own, purchase it locally or we do sell firewood.

Wait, I have to use the fireplace for heat?
No. Each cabin has a propane heat source in addition to fireplaces.
Cabins 1 & 2 each have furnaces. Cabin 3 has a gas fireplace insert. The rest have propane heaters controlled by a digital thermostat.

What is your pet policy?
We allow pets in cabins 2, 3, 4 & 5 only.
There is a maximum of 3 pets.
We require that you sign a form stating you are responsible for damage or "presents" left by your pet.
Pets are $15 per night per pet.

Do you have maid service?
No, these are vacation rentals. It is basically a furnished house. You need to bring food and clothes.

What is included in your cabins?
All cabins have kitchens with basic pots, pans, dishes, flatware, coffee maker with coffee and popcorn.
They all have flat screen TV's with Dish Network and DVD players.
Baths are furnished with soap, shampoo, conditioner, wash cloths, hand towels and bath towels.
The bedrooms have linens, pillows and extra blankets.
Outside there are picnic tables and propane grills.
All the cabins are within 300 ft of Ramona Lake.

Do you have running water?
Yes, the well for the cabins is 350 ft deep. It is chlorinated, filtered and is an approved state water system before it goes to the cabins.
.And yes, we have "indoor plumbing".

How is your cell service?
Verizon works well here. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are spotty. Others are unknown unless you are roaming on Verizon network.

Can I go swiming in your lake?
It is not our lake. The private lakes belong to Red Feather Storage & Irrigation and swimming is not allowed. Swimming is not allowed in the public lakes either. Remember these have been fishing lakes for many decades, when they are drained down the bottom has many old rusty fishing hooks.

Can I use a canoe or fish on your lake?
It is not our lake. The private lakes belong to Red Feather Storage & Irrigation, you have to be a member to put a floatation device or fish on the lakes.
You can use canoes and kayaks on some public lakes. Please check with the state website to see where they are allowed.

Do you have a hot tub or swimming pool?
LOL... no.  It may be hard to believe but water is scarce up here.
If you need those items you need to go to Vail or Estes Park.